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The Summer season is now over, you and your team have worked hard, now it is the time to slow down, ponder and rebuild your team spirit. Corporate gatherings are a great way to network and have fun with fellow employees. From picnics to fairs, a number of corporate firms host social and leisure gatherings every year.

As we walked the Algarve region and chatted to many of you that have businesses locally, we realized that there is a lack of understanding and much confusion about what is marketing and what is advertising; when do you use an advertising strategy versus a marketing one; and what are the various components of both.

What is the real PROBLEM facing you, facing your community? Is it because of the global economy being in a recession? Is it because the sub-prime crisis? Is it because the local council is not paying its suppliers on time? Is it because there are no tourists? Is it because visitors to the town do not have money? Is it because they don’t know about you and your business? The list goes on …

There is no doubt that Facebook as a marketing platform if used correctly is a very effective and cheap tool. So, why is it not generating the sales that those small business owners are hoping for? What are they doing wrong?

The other day I was chatting to a very good friend of mine in South Africa that has developed her consultancy by focusing on developing leadership skills with women clients. That led to a discussion on what leadership destructive traits, are common for both genders.

The green movement is probably the main reason why so many people are getting attracted toward these types of businesses and there is no doubt that it has resulted in continuous increase in the demand for services and products offered by rural communities.

A while back, I had an interesting though that could be turned into a fun idea, not to say that it could be profitable too. Although Lagos has quite a few second hand stores mainly the property of NGOs as charity shops what Lagos does not have is a more up-market type of second hand facilities, either in furnishings or clothing.

"Business technology" represents one of the major shifts in the way people think about computers in IT history, and is based on two key ideas that IT risks are business risks, and that IT opportunities are now business opportunities.

We have to keep in mind that there are numerous reasons why brands fail. Sometimes it is because the market they are associated with has become obsolete. Other times it is as a result of extending into an unsuitable product category.


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