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Business Ideas - Start a “Branded Second Hand Store”

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Business Ideas - Start a “Branded Second Hand Store”
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Written by  Laurinda Seabra
Tuesday, 01 August 2017 00:48

A while back, I had an interesting though that could be turned into a fun idea, not to say that it could be profitable too. Although Lagos has quite a few second hand stores mainly the property of NGOs as charity shops what Lagos does not have is a more up-market type of second hand facilities, either in furnishings or clothing.

I have no doubt that either of those ideas could be turned into interesting businesses.

Let's think or a moment about a second hand up-market shop.

With the price of new branded and designer clothes reaching astronomical prices you could buy and sell good clothing for a profit. I am not talking about oriental cheap manufactured goods that fall apart after the first wash. I am talking about branded goods that people could buy at a fraction of the retailing price. You could for example start such a business as a home based business as an exclusive Women's Club.

  • You would start by rounding up all your family and friends, and then inviting their friends, friends. You could charge a nominal club fee of say 10 Euros per year for membership.
  • You would need to ensure that you would get access to these types of clothing, and that they are in perfect condition. Again, you would pay a fair price for them.

Still within the second hand market, you could set-up an Internet based Global Bargain website. This would be a website that specializes in designer bargains or designer bargain hunting from around the world.



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