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Want to do your bit for the environment? – Reduce your driving around

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Want to do your bit for the environment? – Reduce your driving around
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Written by  Staff Writer
Friday, 04 August 2017 21:38

In the last few years, people all over the world are driving less and less, they are turning to alternatives such as walking, biking, and public transportation. While many people make that choice to save money or to get fit, it’s also a great way to reduce the negative impacts on the environment.

One powerful way to minimize the environmental impact of driving is to trade in your old car for a more eco-friendly vehicle. Another (less costly) option is to use the tips below to drive less every day.

Here's some tips to help you

1. Take-up cycling

Maybe marketing of flashy accessories for cyclists by bile manufacturers has something to do with it – to be with the “IN” thing, but the fact is that more and more people are cycling than ever before. That’s a really important development when it comes to protecting the planet, since biking instead of driving does help to reduce negative environmental impacts. (Plus, cyclists can save thousands annually compared to car owners.).

So cycling has a triple benefit: you save money, you can get fit and you are helping safeguarding the environment.

2. Take a walk

When it comes to making eco-friendly choices, putting on a pair of walking shoes without a doubt means that you use much less energy than cruising down the road.

Obviously walking isn’t always a viable choice (trips to visit family across the country, or having to visit stores or offices out of your residential area). But nonetheless you can for example park your car in a central location in where you have to go, and then do the rest of your trip on foot.

3. Use public transport

Portugal has reasonable public transport, and although you may feel like it’s a pain travelling with others, the fact is that you are giving yourself a well dersved rest from self-driving.

Plus, it’s cool to do it nowadays.

Keep in mind that the most energy-efficient modes of transport tend to be train and bus rides, followed by riding alone in a car, and then flying in a plane.

4. Join a lift club

The only thing better than singing alone in your car is having someone else to ride with and share the trip with you. Carpooling is another easy way you can help the environment.

5. Combine errands

While the number of people cycling and using public transportation may be increasing, not too many report practicing less obvious fuel conservation habits, like combining errands when driving is necessary. But taking one big trip to pick up groceries, drugstore items, and dry cleaning instead of making each a separate adventure is one easy way to help the environment.

6. Work from home if you can

There’s a debate going on about the impact on the environment from working from home versus working in an office. There are two schools of though around this issue.

Some experts say employees use twice as much energy at an office than at home; others say those who work at home make up for it when they spend extra time turning on lights, opening refrigerator doors, running the dishwasher, etc.

Another eco-friendly option is to join or create a co-working space, so that telecommuters can confine their energy usage to a single room or building close to home.

7. Record your trips

Think of starting a local travel journal.  It means keeping a diary of where, when, and how long you’ve driven can help you pinpoint the trips that aren’t exactly necessary (or that could be combined), thereby cutting down on future fuel use and other negative impacts on the environment.





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