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Want to do your bit for the environment? – Shop With the Environment in Mind

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Want to do your bit for the environment? – Shop With the Environment in Mind
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Written by  Staff Writer
Saturday, 05 August 2017 00:29

The most important thing to remember is that saving the planet can start right now, with your next trip to the supermarket or travelling to work. While it might not seem like parking a few blocks farther from the store will make much of a difference, over time, all these changes add up to a really positive impact on the environment.

Consumerism “marketing” surrounds us, we are bombarded daily everywhere we go, every picture we see, every movie, and every broadcast.

Consumerism contributes to climate change by using up the earth’s natural resources to produce new goods, destroying ecosystems, and generating tremendous amounts of pollution when those goods are transported around the world. Goods today, are designed for failure within very short time frames, thus adding to landfills in previously unseen levels.

“Green purchasing,” on the other hand, means making decisions with the environment in mind, whether at any shop, mall or even your usual supermarket.


Here’s some tips to assist you

1. Take your own bag

Although it might seem convenient to grab a plastic bag at the cash counter, the habit is actually pretty wasteful.  The amount of plastic floating in the oceans currently is unbelievable, and the result is that it poses a serious threat to marine life and ocean ecosystems.

Make a more eco-friendly choice starting today. Take your own reusable bags in your next shopping trip.

2. Use Green Cleaning Products

There’s nothing more satisfying than a freshly washed kitchen. But beware the bleach—common household cleaning products are among a number of indoor pollutants that can hurt the environment as well as human health. The next time an urge to get rid of those stove top stains and cooking grease, consider making your own non-toxic cleaning products which will work just as well as the chemical-filled stuff, or search for the most eco-friendly agents.

3. Choose your beauty products with care

Makeup, perfumes, lotions, shampoos, deodorants, etc., contain chemicals that are potentially dangerous to humans and their environment. Some products also contain palm oil, an important environmental resource that we are using up too quickly.

Before buying any of your personal toiletries and beauty products, take a look at the safety information for some common personal care items. Then choose items with ingredients that are friendlier to your body and the environment.

4. Go for second-hand goodies

You not only save money and the planet by purchasing a used product instead of a brand-new one, but you will also be reducing your carbon footprint, since new products are typically shipped across the globe.

5. Repair before replacing

Consider repairing an item before running out to purchase a new one.

New is not always better than repaired. In general, try not to label newer as better and make a more eco-friendly choice by using what you already have. You’ll reduce the amount of resources (including water and energy) necessary to create new products and the transportation required to ship new goods around the world. And you’ll avoid clogging landfills with mountains of your discarded goodies.

6. Protect the trees

Currently we’re lucky if we actually remember how to write with pen and paper. But when we do purchase paper products, it’s best to look for labels that indicate an item has been made using sustainable methods.





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