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Food: Experience The Wholesome Fish Dishes of the Algarve

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Food: Experience The Wholesome Fish Dishes of the Algarve


Written by  Staff Writer
Wednesday, 16 August 2017 11:26

There is no doubt that Portuguese gastronomy is amazing; and that in spite of its small size, Portugal offers a varied and interesting range of gastronomy experiences ... and the Algarve gastronomy has lots to offer any visitor.


There is no doubt, that to have a great holiday, the place, the nature, and its people are important components, but food either makes or breaks any holiday.


Here we give you just a glimpse of what the Algarve has to offer you. Sampling a county’s culinary delights is a major part of any getaway, with the Algarve is without a doubt well known for its fish, seafood, its deserts and its sweets. There are always a large array of fresh fish dishes on most restaurant menus and seafood options are lovingly produced with the local catch of the day.

The Algarve offers you a wide selection of restaurants and many offer views of the pretty beaches ready for you to soak up the sun or just the views while you eat. And many of them specialize in fish dishes.


Taking into account that Portuguese fish dish specialties don’t translate well into English here’s a brief description of some of the most favorite ones:

  • Camarão - Prawns are traditionally served with garlic and a piri-piri sauce, and washed down with chilled white wine "vinho verde".
  • Arroz de Peixe - Fish rice! The rice and fresh fish is cooked with tomatoes and peppers and garnished with fresh coriander – a real Algarvian classic.
  • Massada de Peixe - Fish with pasta.
  • Feijoada de Buzinas - Bean stew with Whelks. Bean stews are a popular Algarvian dish and come with a variety of different seafood’s (or meats) added to the mix. As well as whelks, you can also find "Feijoada de Choco" (bean stew with cuttlefish) and "Feijoada à Portuguesa" (Bean stew with lots of cabbage, pork, bacon and sausage!)
  • Choco's com tinta - This is a classic Portuguese dish, small cuttlefish that is fried in olive oil, and the bag of black ink mingles with the olive oil and garlic, to make a very different experience of eating cuttlefish. Be prepared to be left with a black tongue for most of the day. But the taste truly justifies it.
  • Cataplana - this dish of Arabian origin, is cooked and served in a specific copper pot and includes either pork, clams, fish, chicken or rabbit.
  • Sardines - the old time favorite. Eat them on bread or with boiled potatoes and a salad.

Of course not every restaurant focuses on Portuguese food only, and you will find most international cuisines fairly represented as well. This is handy, especially when you feel like tasting a typical dish from your home country in an endeavor to balance your palate.




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