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Garden Centers: Oh ... I Want the Best Christmas Tree This Year

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Garden Centers: Oh ... I Want the Best Christmas Tree This Year
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Written by  Staff Writer
Tuesday, 15 August 2017 22:42

Having a Christmas tree in the home is a “deep-rooted” Christmas tradition that often marks the beginning of the holiday season. You can turn the searching for the perfect tree into a special family event, and as you progress through the day you can reminisce over your previous tree hunting adventures and have loads of fun.


Types of Christmas Trees

There are many different species of trees that are commonly used for Christmas trees.

The soft-needled Frazer fir. These trees are long-lasting with great needle retention and add a wonderful fragrance to your home for the holidays! They have strong branches and, as long as they haven’t been over-sheared, are open enough to hang lots of ornaments.

The pines, especially White pine and Scotch pine, are also very popular. These are long lasting but are sometimes hard to decorate because they tend to be very full - especially if they’ve been over-sheared. Spruce trees make lovely Christmas trees, particularly the Blue spruce, if you can get past the very prickly needles!

Choosing a Good One

There are many places you can get trees, from retail shops to nurseries and garden centres. When you choose a cut tree, make sure it is fresh. The tree should have a healthy green color and the needles should be flexible and not come off when you stroke a branch. A good way to check for freshness is to lift a cut tree off the ground a few inches and then let it drop on it’s cut end. A few inner needles might fall but green outer needles should not drop off the tree.

Once You Get It Home

Once you get home with your tree, make a fresh cut about an inch above the original cut. Place your tree in the stand and keep the reservoir full of water at all times! It will take up a lot of water so be sure to check it several times a day. Always keep your tree away from heat sources. If you aren’t putting your tree up right away, re-cut the end, put it in a bucket of water, and keep it in a cool, shaded place until you are ready to bring it inside. A good place to start would be to visit our sponsor's garden center, I am sure that they will be able to assist you.



Note: First published in December 2010 in I Support Lagos, updated August 2017. Author: Laurinda Seabra



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