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Scrap-booking is likely to be one of the quickest rising and ever changing hobbies in the world. With new products popping out every day, it is no wonder a beginner gets overwhelmed by all of the supplies. Chances are you'll find yourself asking what you should purchase first. What's actually wanted to make beautiful scrapbook pages?

To assist you, we have compiled an extensive list of hobbies. This list hopefully will assist you in researching which one resonates with you best. Over time we will tackle each one and give you basic overviews about them. But for now as the site is new, you will need to do the research yourself. The hobbies can be classified under the following categories: Collecting, Arts & Crafts, Games, Models & Electronics, Sports & Outdoors, Performing Arts, Music, Spiritual & Mental, Food & Drinks and Pets

Quilting is something I have never done myself, but have enjoyed buying. In South Africa I got my hands on a beautiful quilt that I used on my bed for years. I fell in love with it, and although I though I had brought it with me to Portugal, the fact is that it stayed in South Africa.

Most of us in our day-to-day life are suffering from high levels of stress, and we all need an outlet to help reduce it. Having a hobby is a great way to do so, but more than that, an hobby is also a way of creating an outlet for our own creativity and also a way to meet new people and forge new friendships.

Some people that have never bird watched has stigmatised it as a “loony” pastime. There is certainly a bit of stigma attached to bird watching. Those who have never tried it have liked to train spotting, or some other similar type pastime.


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