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Home Decor - Using Wood as Part of your Lamp Decor

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Home Decor - Using Wood as Part of your Lamp Decor


Written by  Staff Writer
Monday, 14 August 2017 15:26

Adding a bit of warm and style to a room is what wood table lamps are useful for. The grain and the wood color will give them a look that is unique to them and is often unmatched. There is a large selection of natural materials from various trees to choose from when considering the construction of a lamp base, such as pine, oak, maple, cherry, mahogany, and walnut.

The many styles that a wood lamp can be designed for range from something that is a bit traditional, or contemporary, to having a rustic feel. Thus you can be sure to find one that will appeal to your individual preferences, and if you are environmentally inclined it will be like bringing the outdoors into your home.

For others, they may prefer to follow another route and design a lamp for themselves using a section of a tree that carries some meaning for them. Such as a bit of driftwood that came from their last beach trip or a section of branch that may have fallen off their favorite backyard tree. In this fashion one can always adorn our homes with our own creation.


In order for the lamp base to function in the fashion it is supposed to one must take into consideration the electrical fittings and connections that must be incorporated into it. This holds true whether one is using their own design or choosing a piece from a showroom.

The quality cannot be of the kind that is cheap unless one wishes to be inconvenienced or disappointed. You must also evaluate and reduce the risk, for instance a mishap could happen that could result in an electrical fire.


  • The way in which many wood lamps come into being is through the turning of the raw material on a lathe.
  • The creations that come into being as a result will, or could look depending on the type of tree and the rough material they came from truly rustic and natural.
  • Many of the interesting features hidden in the wood will for sure be uncovered.


Thus it will truly be a unique piece of furniture to adorn your home. One does not commonly view a lamp as the focal point of a room; instead it is looked upon as the fixture that completes the look of a room.

For example it is useful for bringing out the pattern in the pillows, or carpets, the colors that are present in the upholstery in a chair that may be the centerpiece of the room, or to show off the colors on the walls.

Wood table lamps may be just the piece you need to ensure that the room comes into a sharper focus. Thus one will be able to find one that will be just right for the kind of decorating scheme that you have decided upon and in this way the natural material that comes from trees will be enhanced.




Note: This article was first published in I Support Lagos in September 2010, updated August 2017. Author: Laurinda Seabra




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