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Home Decor - Using Table Lamps in a Unique Way

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Home Decor - Using Table Lamps in a Unique Way


Written by  Staff Writer
Monday, 14 August 2017 16:06

Since historic times, we have been using table lamps so that we could harness light in the best way possible. However, since then, table lighting has changed considerably. Looking back, it is interesting to see how the table lamps of those times used to be entirely different from those, which are available and in use today.


In the past, for example, we used to stuff dried moss inside a shell, and then lit up the same. Like everything else that has evolved, table lamps too have undergone a lot of changes, and have literally evolved in varied shapes, sizes & styles.

Lamps can just serve as light shredders or they can be stylized in such a way so as to being the desired lighting effecting adding value to the decor of your home. Some table lamps can be used for general reading purposes, while others can be used specifically for producing lighting effects for carrying out some detailed tasks.


Looking at the anatomy of a table lamp, it comprises of many parts. Beginning with base, which is often made of steel, ceramic etc. Then, there is a steel pipe, which supports the base cap, lamp socket, neck etc. Then, there is the lampshade, that most amazing piece of practical decor, which covers the bulb and helps the light to diffuse in the desired fashion.


Table lamps are widely available in varied shapes, sizes designs, colors etc.

Nowadays, there are many people that specialized in designing table lamps, and many have come up with really visually appealing ones, which are widely available at quite affordable prices, but choosing the right table lamp, that which enhances the beauty of your home can be a challenging task since the choices are so varied. All you are supposed to do is get the right blend of your creativity and taste.

The setting of your home (furniture in particular) should be carefully taken into consideration when choosing your lamp, and especially its lampshade. Where you will place your table lamp will guide you, on the type and size needed to best optimize its decor effect as well as its practicality.

For example, large table lamps can be placed on heavy and big tables. Then the price factor is also another significant factor. You must weigh what you can afford and look after your pocket first. If you have reasonable cash available, you can go for stylish Tiffany lamps or any other stylish lamp.

When the time comes for you to buy, you can do so, by conveniently browse through product catalogues, and select the one that fits in your budget and your personal tastes and preferences; you can also browse through the local shops, and Lagos does have a few shops offering you vast choice of selection.



Note: This article was first published in I Support Lagos in September 2010, updated August 2017. Author: Laurinda Seabra





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