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We are firmly positioned in the information era. Computers, the web and technology in general has advanced exponentially as well as truly changed the manner in which we do things. Furthering your IT skills can prove to be beneficial and we'll look at its major advantages.

That's the million dollar question that all of my clients ask me. And the reality is that there's no standard answer. It's like asking someone how long is a piece of string? The reality is that it depends on many factors. Such as the type of industry you are in.

You have made up your mind to commission the design and development of a website, and in your mind you have a date in which you expect your site to be launched and go live. True? Well, that is a nice wish, but sometimes (more aften than we like) there are factors that affect the going live deadlines.

In this article we discuss risks that any business will have, be they big or small, if they have a website. We take a look at some underlying risks to your business domain(s) and how you should protect it (them), we look at your hosting service and your relationship with a web developer and give you some recommendations on how to manage the relationship.

Today, most businesspeople have a presence on the Internet, but many are unaware of the risks associated with having such a presence. I want to share with you a very serious business risk that we have identified during our visits to small and not so small businesses.


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