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If you're a parent, crafting is without doubt one of the most rewarding activities you are able to do with your children. Academics, children counselors, and other who work with children often can also nice benefit from the crafting world.

I went searching for really crazy ideas on the Internet, from my friends and in books, to share here with you. Not to mention using my over active imagination. The result is detailed below. I have decided at this stage to just give you some of those ideas. Over time I will expand on them a bit more. But in the meantime have fun letting your imagination run wild.

It is a fact that kids these days grow up with computers, so it's not unusual that some kids are learning how to make money using their computers. A great way for kids to make money with their computer is bloging. There are millions of blogs on the web now, and while most of them are just hobby blogs, many of them make quite a bit of money.

If you are typical you will have on your list a number of children that you want to buy Christmas gifts for. Be it for your own kids, grandchildren or just friends little ones, but the major problem confronting everyone, is WHAT to buy?


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