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Keep your teenagers busy - let's look at what they could invest time in

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Keep your teenagers busy - let's look at what they could invest time in
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Written by  Laurinda Seabra
Tuesday, 01 August 2017 01:11

It is a fact that kids these days grow up with computers, so it's not unusual that some kids are learning how to make money using their computers. A great way for kids to make money with their computer is bloging. There are millions of blogs on the web now, and while most of them are just hobby blogs, many of them make quite a bit of money.

So instead of just giving them pocket money, motivate them to be a bit more independent financially, while at the same time they are learning vital small business development skills that can always come in handy later on.

Here are a few blogging ideas for teenagers

  • Diary or Journal (blogs can be set to private or public, so a blog as a diary does not mean the whole world will see it)
  • Nature Journal
  • Showcase their Artwork
  • Photo blog
  • Poems or short stories
  • Review your favorite movies or books
  • A joke blog
  • Show off favourite hobbies or collectibles

Those are just some ideas for now. They not exaustive. Speak to your kids and let them come-up with other ideas. You may get a surprise ...



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