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Youth Crazy Ideas to Keep Them Busy

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Youth Crazy Ideas to Keep Them Busy
Photo by Alexandra (Pixabay)


Written by  Laurinda Seabra
Tuesday, 01 August 2017 12:20

I went searching for really crazy ideas on the Internet, from my friends and in books, to share here with you. Not to mention using my over active imagination. The result is detailed below. I have decided at this stage to just give you some of those ideas. Over time I will expand on them a bit more. But in the meantime have fun letting your imagination run wild.

Let's play a "what if" scenario ...

Imagine yourself starting any of the following ideas in your local community.

Think about what your friends and family would say if you went to them  and said:

Mother I'm going to start a "dog walking" business for  example, or even better, how about a gourmet restaurant for cats and  dogs, with specially prepared meat and fish dishes, specially prepared  for those pets (minus their owners)? Just imagine this restaurant, the waiters, the chefs, etc.

Let's take this a bit further. What if you decided to start a Pet Rock project?

In Lagos we are lucky in that we have an oversupply of rocks. So you can create an Adopt-a-Pet-Rock project. There are many people without pets; this could be one way of giving people an alternative. They can talk to their pet rock, feed it, wash it, and love it. You can even write this pet rock history. Where it came from, who were their parents and siblings.

Here's another idea.

How about selling "Home Ground - normally referred to as dirt" - Yep, someone is doing just that. An Irish guy ships it worldwide by the bag full to Irish loving buyers that are home sick.

And a few more:

  • Pop bottle necklaces.
  • Used wine cork dolls.
  • Joke writer – write humor for comedians, greeting cards, fortune cookies, etc.
  • Prank rental – rent pink flamingo’s, fake tombstones, coffins, surfboards, etc.
  • Yard logos – mow logos or funny designs into lawns or fields
  • Dog dating – start a dog dating service where you take two dogs out together
  • Lemonade stands – don’t sell lemonade, sell the lemonade stands!
  • Terrible art – actually paint and sell your own terrible framed art
  • Bloopers – create funny family videos using homemade bloopers
  • Ugly bikes – using mismatched bike parts, build cheap ugly bicycles
  • Pet Yoga and Meditation - just imagine the fun of getting them to meditate, and teaching them to levitate too.

Above is just a small sample of crazy ideas. I am sure that after reading them, you will have a few yourselves.





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