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Just like driving in most countries, Portugal driving rules are very similar to others in Western Europe. In the past few years Portuguese traffic cops are not as lenient as they once were. So be wise and follow the rules of the road as you would not like to face fines, or even worse be involved in an accident.

If you are an EU national living in another EU country, you have the right to vote and to stand as a candidate in municipal and European Parliament elections held in that country. The conditions are the same for you as for nationals.

It is normal that you may not have a guideline for your business, in this article we provide you with some examples to assist you, but you should design your own “Dos and Don’ts” (or common sense checklists) to address the specific competition law risks that your business faces.

In this article we take a look at some things you need to take into account once you have identified the risk. So, how can you reduce the risks identified? Because in the real world, there is no such thing as “zero risk”, it means that you will need to implement controls to mitigate the competition law risks that you have already identified or could identify in the future.

In a business lifecycle there will always be disputes whether we like it or not, and often they can cost thousands of Euros (or any other currency) in court and legal fees. But there is a cheaper and faster alternative solution – namely “mediation”.

Although we all cringe when we think of appointing a lawyer, the first question that you need answered is when is it the right time to appoint one? The answer is simple, it all depends on your business and your particular circumstances, but it is generally worthwhile to consult one before making any decisions that could have legal ramifications for you or for your business.

Everyone dreams of starting their own business, and many believe its a very simple process to get started, but before you start any business, it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with all of the laws that your business must adhere to. Here are some business areas that may have laws relevant to your business:

A shareholder’s agreement is without a doubt an important foundation for any business relationship, it can help you to protect the future of your start-up (or on-going business) and prevent any currently unforeseen issues between co-owners from impacting on the business success.


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