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Lifestyle: Tips to Manage Stress

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Lifestyle: Tips to Manage Stress


Written by  Staff Writer
Saturday, 05 August 2017 22:30

Managing stress means using thoughts and actions to deal with stressful situations, lower our stress levels, and influence conditions and situations to reduce their stress potential. In general, stress management contains three elements:

  • Awareness
  • Control of the sources of stress
  • Achieving balance


This element means that:

  • We realize that stress is a perfectly normal reaction.
  • We recognize the factors that produce stress.
  • We clarify our individual way of interpretation of incidents or situations, and learn about the interpretations of others.

Control of the sources of stress

Control (reduction or elimination) of the sources of stress means that:

  • We review our objectives and assess whether they are realistic and achievable without overloading others or ourselves unnecessarily.
  • We improve the information flow in our working environment.
  • We improve our relations with others as well as our communication skills.
  • We take care of improving our problem solving skills.
  • We reduce the time we spend in a stressful environment.
  • We improve our time management.

Achieving balance

This balance is achieved by modification of the response to stressors.

This means that:

We find out our optimum stress level. This is that level which gives stimulation and motivation but does not overload.

We learn to relax consciously. While we are in a stressful situation we can, for example, realize how tense certain muscles of our body are and relax them, or take slow, deep breaths. Also we can plan for moments in our daily life where we can relax, calm down, or enjoy something we really like.

We try to be objective. In our perception of a situation we try to be objective, perhaps we use the chance to discuss the situation with a friend or colleague.

We step beside ourselves. This means that we look at an event or situation from a different angle.




Note: This article was first published on on 11 May 2015
Written by  Laurinda Seabra




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