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Renting a Home: Dealing with a Property Management Company versus a Landlord

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Renting a Home: Dealing with a Property Management Company versus a Landlord
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Written by  Staff Writer
Tuesday, 15 August 2017 21:29

In Portugal, when you are looking for a short or long-term rental, you may find that the property you are interested in may be managed by a landlord or by a property management company. In this article we aim to give you a brief overview of the difference between these two sets of rental management.

A landlord may utilize a property management company for a large property or when several of their properties require management services. From your landlord’s perspective, there are clear advantages in doing this. Even though a landlord is a property owner, they may not know how to manage a property. Properly maintaining a property, and dealing with tenants, requires a lot of knowledge.


Your landlord may have neither the time nor the inclination to learn everything necessary. So, hiring a professional makes it easier to engage in the business of being a landlord.


Management Companies and Landlord Rights

One of a management company’s responsibilities is to protect your landlord’s rights.

Both landlords and tenants have rights and those are stipulated in the Portuguese Law, which makes residential landlord and tenant relations fairer to all parties. It does this by defining exactly what rights and responsibilities you and your landlord have. The management company will assert your landlord’s rights in everything from enforcing the terms of your lease, ensuring your compliance with state building and health codes, and even starting eviction proceedings against you.


How a Management Company Differs From a Landlord

There are differences in dealing with a management company versus a landlord. For example, as a professional service company, a management company often uses more stringent standards for screening tenants. While landlords are sometimes lax about selecting tenants, management companies adhere to strict guidelines. They do this because they do not want to cause any losses for your landlord by renting to a bad tenant, who must be evicted.


A management company is also more formal in their interactions with tenants, since the relationship is that of a company to an individual.


If you’re used to dealing directly with your landlord, you may find working with a management company somewhat impersonal. On the other hand, management companies offer professional management services, which will make your life much easier by ensuring that your home/office is maintained properly and that things run more smoothly.





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