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Managing Your Pet’s Teeth and Mouth Challenges (Dental Hygiene)

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Managing Your Pet’s Teeth and Mouth Challenges (Dental Hygiene)
Photo by Manfred Richter (Pixabay)


Written by  Staff Writer
Friday, 11 August 2017 20:37

Tooth decay is a serious problem in pet’s health and the cause of many issues that may arise. Unlike humans they can’t brush their teeth themselves. So how do you ensure that your pet’s has nice and healthy teeth? You can give your pet, chewing sticks or bones. This assist with plaque and tarter build-up removal but it may not be sufficient.

Follow the guidelines below

  • Open your pet's mouth and examine the teeth and gums for one clue to their overall health. Shiny white teeth, pink healthy gums and fresh breath are major signs of health. Stinky breath, red lines or swellings on the gums and bad breath indicate a need for your veterinarian's assistance.
  • Pet owners can attempt to brush their pets’ teeth themselves on a regular basis, but that should not replace regular dental care by a professional.
  • Bacteria from the mouth because of poor dental health can lead to more serious problems, including significant damage to the organs.
  • Dental health is so important in our pets that veterinary medicine now has specialists who are veterinary dentists, these doctors deal specifically with diseases of the mouth, including teeth, gums, growths/tumors, and bone disease or injury to the mouth.
  • Pet dental cleanings generally require general anesthesia.

Questions to ask your vet before dental health cleaning:

  • Will a vet examine my pet's teeth after the dental cleaning?
  • How will they monitor your pet under anesthesia?
  • Have you received training in dentistry in school or after school?
  • Will a vet be performing any extractions needed?
  • If extractions are needed, will you present me with other options before treating?
  • Does the vet clinic have dental x-ray capability?




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