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5 Reasons why it makes sense to foster a Dog or a Cat

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5 Reasons why it makes sense to foster a Dog or a Cat


Written by  Staff Writer
Friday, 11 August 2017 21:32

If you are looking for a new pet, or if it’s the first time you are considering one, it may assist you to foster before deciding to adopt. One thing is for sure, by adopting a pet you will be saving a homeless pet’s life. Animal rescue organizations rely extensively on foster homes to help take care of pets while awaiting adoption.

It is a fact that animal rescues regularly need foster parents to take care of dogs and cats in their care so the pets don't have to live in shelters for extended periods of time.

Fostering isn't limited to only cats and dogs. There are many other animals that need assistance like horses, rabbits, birds and even chickens.


Here are five reasons why it is important to foster pets

1. Fostering pets saves lives

Small kittens are especially vulnerable and need foster homes, because of their weaker immune systems. Every kitten that can find a foster home, means that animal shelters are being assisted in keeping these pets free of shelter-born diseases and even killed.

2. Fostering pets provides housing for displaced pets

Some rescue organizations with no shelters or physical locations to house them, depend on foster families to house the pets under their care.

3. Fostering pets allows you to make a connection

If you want to adopt a pet, it takes serious commitment from you and your family. If you’re considering adding a pet to your household for the next 15 to 20 years, you want to make sure it’s a harmonious experience. By fostering a pet, you care for the dog or cat in your own home, which allows you to watch how it interacts with your family and other pets. A perfect pet fit can then lead to a permanent adoption.

4. Fostering pets helps make them more adoptable

Pet foster homes allow the rescue group or shelters to learn things and behaviours about the pet they may not otherwise know. If you're wondering if a cat gets along with dogs or vice versa, a foster home with other animals can help you answer that question. Foster homes also provide a much better environment to learn, socialize and interact with people and other animals, making them more adoptable.

5. Fostering a pet will make you feel good

Fostering enables one to bond with an animal, and gives one a great sense of achievement when they find a happy forever home. Knowing that you’ve helped improve the animal’s life is a great emotional reward.



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