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Is your pet getting old? Here’s some tips to assist you.

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Is your pet getting old? Here’s some tips to assist you.


Written by  Staff Writer
Friday, 11 August 2017 22:02

Like humans, our pet’s also age, but caring for pets as they grow older and recognizing our pet friends’ needs is what pet older care is all about. Whether it is the old creaky cat or the older doggie companion with a newly diagnosed debilitating illness, understanding their needs, and with a lot of love and care, you can make the time left with them easier for both of you.

If your pet is not sick, then one of the things you can do is to take a look around your pet’s home environment. If your pet has mobility issues, consider adding rugs at the base of stairs to stop slipping, runners for long hallways with slick wood surfaces and even a rug in front of the doggy bed.

  • If your dog struggles to jump up on the sofa with you, add a small step stool. It will assist your pet by reducing the pain that their effort takes.
  • Most of us that have aging pets, we are quick to recognize their discomforts. The slower gait, the shorter walk or even the older dog that sits down halfway through their favorite walk is telling you something.
  • On the other hand, cats are master hiders of aches, pains and illness. Are they sleeping more than usual? Is that top shelf on the cat tree no longer used?
  • Sometimes an elderly cat will have difficulty grooming hard to reach areas due to arthritis, specifically their back. The once-litter box perfect cat can begin to miss the box around the edges because the box is no longer easy to use. They may even begin to urinate elsewhere in the home. Changing the box to one with a lower entry can help, as can placing pee-pads under the box to catch the misses.
  • Sick pets will often appreciate a little personal peace, too.
  • Respect that your pet’s nose is much more sensitive than yours and limit or eliminate additional strong fragrances in and around their personal space. If possible, try not to eliminate favorite activities.
  • Walks may need to be shorter, fetch a few less times, but if they are feeling up to some of their favorite things, indulge them within reason. If they can’t play around anymore, just taking them outside and sitting with them can do wonders for both of you.

Remember that growing old and death are part of living life!



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