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Real Estate and the Internet: Buying Property in Portugal in the 21st Century

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Real Estate and the Internet: Buying Property in Portugal in the 21st Century
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Written by  Staff Writer
Tuesday, 15 August 2017 15:11

According to the Wall Street Journal, Portuguese properties are becoming a very attractive option for buyers that have the necessary funding and purchasing power. In fact, according to our own experience and local feedback, the number of people selecting Portugal to buy property is increasing.

The Portuguese property market is becoming more professional and more transparent due to new and innovative ways of publishing information and making information more accessible to foreigners looking to invest in Portugal.


According to latest reports, it is clear that the time to buy is now, because the property market has corrected itself in Portugal. As a result, buying property in Portugal at present, is easier then ever before.


Why is that?

Because with the development of technology, the Internet is now one of the most used platforms to find information about anything under the sun. And the real estate arena is no different. With the use of the Internet, real estate buyers, investors, speculators and renters are looking further and further afield for that magic "property" and as a result are becoming aware of the investing opportunities through an extended use of the Internet.

Now, it is the perfect time to find information about the real estate offering in the Algarve without leaving the comfort of your home. Just think about it. You can see, view and in some cases using virtual reality tools even experience the "live" feeling of walking through a selected property.


This saves you money, time and frustration. By the time you do view a property you are already well equipped with knowledge and information about your selections, thus making your decision a painless process.


Internet provides the opportunity of finding information regarding the property itself (such as the size, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, whether it has a garage or garden, terrace or balcony) and additional information regarding for example mortgages and international relocation services.

We can argue that there are many areas in across Portugal that have fantastic opportunities waiting just for you, but unless you really look at what is on offer you will not really know, now will you? Another big contributor to the Portuguese Real Estate improvement is the fact that property prices in Portugal are significantly lower than, for example, France, Spain and even Greece. This makes a big difference when looking for overseas property, and it is the prime reason why an increasing number of people invests here.


As the international property market has become an online market, real estate companies offering related services are becoming well aware of the online opportunities.


Currently not only local real estate agencies but also allied support service companies are easily found on the Internet providing services such as mortgages, international insurances, legal advice or international movers. The services related to the process of buying property in Portugal are becoming increasingly professional and more specialized at the same time. As a result there are many professionals who are specialized in assisting you in the entire process of looking for property, buying the property, taking care of the legal part, financing your new property and moving you to your new home in Portugal, all having their own expertise.

Improved communication methods, like Internet, make the international property market more fluid, professional and specialised every day. Buying property in Portugal is close to being just as easy as buying property within your own backyard.




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