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You are in the Algarve on holiday; you have fallen in love the region; and you are now thinking of investing and buying a property, so that you have a place to return to when you want to break away from your day-to-day life. Nice thoughts and intentions, not to mention it will be well worth it.  But you have to do it right. If you don’t, your paradise could turn into a real nightmare.  

You may be dreaming of buying your own property to live in, or just to buy a second property in the sun that you can use for holidays, or maybe you just want to invest in property that can be used for long or short-term rentals, so that you can get a return on your money.

Bought a recent property? Own a property in the Algarve? Don't know how to monetize it? Get Help! Appoint a Local Property Management Company. 

I’ve been following a very interesting debate in one of the Facebook groups that I'm a member of. An interesting discussion developed a while back over the interpretation of what is deemed to be an Owner Managed versus an Owner Operated rental management program.

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