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Blog - Retirement

It is a fact that there were many times in your life when you wanted to pursue further education and learn new skills, and it is not unusual that as you get older, even if you are part of the baby boomer generation, this will be a question that will keep on popping up over and over.

The vistas from The Algarve's beaches are nothing short of spectacular.The vast majority of foreign retirees moving to Portugal settle in the Algarve. Particularly appealing are the municipalities of Silves, Tavira, Lagoa, Lagos and Aljezur in Portugal’s southernmost province.

There are no special visa requirements for non-European Union retirees in Portugal. The process is the same whether you are 21 years old or 60 years old. It can, however, take some time and the process must be started in your home country.

One of the principal reasons non-European citizens are looking harder at Portugal as a retirement destination is the recent introduction of legislation that eliminates local taxes on foreign pensions and other retirement income.

You probably have heard that the cheapest place to retire is in some place that you have never heard off, or visited yet. Somewhere like Nicaragua, Malaysia or even Colombia. But in fact Portugal is probably the cheapest country to retire to.

You worked your whole life, retired to the Algarve and you now find yourself with lots of free time on your hands. So, why not change that?   Life after retirement is also the best time to indulge in all those hobbies that had been kept on hold for years on end. Take a look at some of the best retirement hobbies that can be indulged


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