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Baby Boomer and Thinking of Retiring? Why not Learn a New Skill?

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Teaching an old dog new tricks :-)
Teaching an old dog new tricks :-) Photo Pixabay


Written by  Staff Writer
Thursday, 17 August 2017 09:57

It is a fact that there were many times in your life when you wanted to pursue further education and learn new skills, and it is not unusual that as you get older, even if you are part of the baby boomer generation, this will be a question that will keep on popping up over and over.


To retire or not? To learn a new skill or not? Questions, questions, so many questions that you may have to face.

On, one hand you feel that you are too young to really "retire", on the other, you may feel you are too "old" to learn new tricks. Whatever your reasons, pursuing further knowledge is something that will probably attract you.

But one thing is sure, going back to school as a baby boomer will be different this time, because you may still have many obligations to fulfill - to your family, work or business.

To be able to handle going back to school, you must think about it for a lot of times. Think about what your objectives are. Ask yourself whether it is really important to get another degree at your age, or right now, and whether it would bring you a lot of benefits. If it is important for you, then you can always start setting your goals and find out ways on how to pursue it.

Try to take note of the number of hours that you need to continue doing many of the things that you do now, look at the impact it will have on your family time, leisure or even current work.

If your schedule is tight, you can take up one or two subjects at a time, you can enroll for distance learning programs that enable you to study at your own time.

Once you evaluate your chosen curriculum, and you have chosen what classes interests you, compile a weekly schedule. Having a schedule will assist you, in planning your weeks. You must fit in your learning with all your commitments to work and to your family.

Since going back to school as a baby boomer will present you with many challenges, seek help and ask recommendations from your friends who have already embarked on further education programs. They will be able to provide you with different strategies on how to handle going back to school and at the same time, advise you on how to balance it with your other life commitments.

Lastly, you must ask yourself whether you can pay for the expenses of going back to school. You need to determine where you will get your funds for it. Since you still have a lot of expenses, make sure that furthering your education will not put more of a financial burden on you than you already have.

Make sure that you will be able to handle the financial demand on you and on your family.

It is never late to learn, and although many people will say that you can't teach a old dog new tricks, the facts are that many, many baby boomers are in fact gathering more and more knowledge today. And if you want to be able to keep up with your kids, and their friends, it is maybe a brilliant idea to pursue.

It will not be easy but it will be worth it! So, go for it, and enjoy it!



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