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Like most countries, Portugal has an extensive network of toll roads, although some of the roads tolls are under dispute, until there's a clear directive from the government and the courts these still have to be paid. Tolls in Portugal are not the cheapest, and you can't always pay at a toll booth neither. In this short article we give you some basic guidelines.

If you are having doubts about staying in a holiday rental in the Algarve, it’s probably due to some of the common myths below. Many people have become used to book hotel accommodation because many are unaware of the range and quality of rentals that are available to them in the Algarve.

Now, there is no doubt that the summer is here and that it is in full swing. No one has to convince me that the hottest months of the year are finally here. Because, as I write this article, I have two fans blowing in my office and I envy all of you that are out there enjoying our beaches, not to mention taking a swim in our beautiful waters.

Looking for the perfect outdoor activity? Taking your family on a trip to Lagos, in the Western Algarve, Portugal, is a terrific idea because of the many outdoor activities that Lagos and its surrounding towns have to offer.

Because we know how important it is to find the correct type of accommodation for your trip, and to assist you in making we invite you to look at the accommodation section in our Business Directory. When you start looking for the perfect accommodation venue for your holiday or business stay in the Algarve, you are confronted with a multitude of offerings.

Located in the heart of the Western Algarve in Portugal, Lagos is a popular holiday resort, famous for its perfect location, warm weather, fine dining experiences and sightseeing opportunities. Blessed with a Mediterranean climate, mild winters and warm summers, Lagos is an ideal destination for any type of visitor, young and old and it is perfect for anyone seeking a place that can be enjoyed all year round.

Most people are unaware that there are specific days of the week on which flights are cheaper. Fortunately there are a few days of the week and not just a single day when you can get good offers and discounts from airlines, thus enabling you to make your trip more affordable and cheaper.

As you want to spend part of your holiday traveling around the Algarve without having pre-booked accommodation, once you are here, you can use some of the time to find other holiday rentals. The latest fad in accommodation is holiday apartments. There’ a wide range of holiday apartments available, ranging from studio apartments to multi-roomed apartments across the Algarve, from east to west.

If like me, you have a love for traveling, and really want to know the local culture, you will need to develop some saving savvy so that you can enjoy a holiday away from home on a fairly regular basis, and the Algarve offers visitors many opportunities to enjoy its beauty without breaking your bank balance.

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