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Going on Holiday: How to choose the right accommodation

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Going on Holiday: How to choose the right accommodation


Written by  Staff Writer
Tuesday, 15 August 2017 01:14

Because we know how important it is to find the correct type of accommodation for your trip, and to assist you in making we invite you to look at the accommodation section in our Business Directory. When you start looking for the perfect accommodation venue for your holiday or business stay in the Algarve, you are confronted with a multitude of offerings.

Often, it is difficult for you to make the right choice because of the offering spread. But one thing is sure, once you have booked and paid your deposit, and arrived at your destination, it is very difficult to go and change what you have selected at that stage.

Selecting only on price or without evaluating all the options available, may at times result in disappointment once you arrive. In the Algarve, it is easy to find the right travel accommodation to suit your needs as well as your pocket. You are sure to find the right type of accommodation, be it near a beach, a cool rural area, with a nice field view, hilltop, riverbank, tropical garden, traditional village surroundings, town-centered, etc.


However, there are many things you should consider when choosing your accommodation venue and facilities. The decision on where you sleep, the type of venue, or even just a room, can let your trip be fun or it can turn it into a disappointment.


So, choosing the right hotel, boutique hotel, boarding house, villa or flat that is right for you, is a must. It is a fact that many travelers spend more time on airline ticket reservations and on finding bargains than they do on choosing the right accommodation for them. This action often results in the fact that they wake up on the “wrong side of the bed during their stay” and it could affect their visit.

To get the most out of your travel accommodation, here’s a good tip - remember to book as early as possible and to make your dates as flexible as possible. It is also a good idea to choose your travel accommodation based on the visibility of the venue’s name, amenities, features, price, packages and location. But there are many more things that you should take into account before reaching your decision and booking and paying for your accommodation.


Here are some guidelines to assist you in selecting the right place.

  • Is the accommodation venue family-friendly?
  • Does the venue offer children activity areas with educational and fun activities supervised by duly trained caregivers?
  • Does it provide a swimming pool for children, day care service, crib rental and childproof electrical outlets?
  • Does it have electronic room-key cards and has a security viewer installed on their doors?
  • It is always a good idea to choose a room on the upper floor on multi-floor venues.
  • If you're the one who likes to spend more time in your hotel room and on the balcony, you should ask for the available amenities and the conditions of the surrounding environment.
  • Depending on whether you're on a private or business trip, ask your hotel about the availability of laundry service, hair dryers, coffee makers, newspapers, free meals, fax machine, bar, cable television, parking, shuttle service, internet connection, etc.
  • The property layout and its location may speak more of its surroundings. Look out for noisy locations such as construction on adjacent property, traffic and other noisy happenings nearby, which are not specified on any hotel flyers. So be sure to ask about it.
  • Beautifully landscaped surroundings with trees, flowers and inner courts also enhance your travel pleasure.
  • Gift shops and restaurants in close proximity, all add up to a wonderful travel experience.
  • The location of your hotel with respect to main attractions is equally important. It could save you money on taxi and bus fare.
  • Make sure that the room service is provided 24 hours a day.
  • Check out the room itself. Is it brightly coloured or classical? It sets the mood of your travel.

In order to get the most out of your travel, whether for business, family or solo vacations, be sure to know everything about the accommodation venue that you are planning to check into. Because, staying in a venue, which you don’t like or fails to meet your needs, could ruin your trip.


Ask friends and relatives who have been there. Read reviews about them. Especially check to see if we have written a review about the specific venue that you are selecting.


Finally, we would like to know about your accommodation experiences, the fantastic, the good, the bad or indifferent. We invite you to post your comment here. We trust that your accommodation choice will greatly enhance your trip and that you will want to come back soon.





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