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Its Summer in the Algarve … and it’s calling you!

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Its Summer in the Algarve … and it’s calling you!


Written by  Staff Writer
Tuesday, 15 August 2017 12:07

Now, there is no doubt that the summer is here and that it is in full swing. No one has to convince me that the hottest months of the year are finally here. Because, as I write this article, I have two fans blowing in my office and I envy all of you that are out there enjoying our beaches, not to mention taking a swim in our beautiful waters.

But, oh, being in the Algarve in the summer is an experience not to be missed.

After all, the Algarve is known as the best summer destination in Europe. And there is a very good reason for it. Not only are our beaches the best, our communities very cosmopolitan, and the hospitality so typical of the best that Portugal and its people are famous for, but it's also a FUN place to be.


If it is your first time here, you are sure to return after your first visit, if you are returning … we welcome you back.

Did you know that the Algarve has the highest number of beaches within a short distance of each other? Some are well known, others are little secrets known only to some of the locals … or a few lucky visitors that stumbled upon them. We invite you to find the perfect spot in the perfect beach for you … because I guarantee you that you will find it here.


As a holidaymaker, there is plenty to keep you entranced in our council area after a lazy day at the beach. And you will find loads of info about it, here on this site, so we invite you to browse it.


The Algarve has many 5-star hotels, and for the young crowd there is a number of youth hostels spread all over the region. For families and those that can’t afford a five-style holiday or are past the youth hostel phase, there are some very nice and neat guesthouses as well as some more affordable places where you can rest your head. There are also many new shops; there are also some new restaurants and pubs that have opened this season, so we invite you to stroll through our towns and parishes and search for all the little jewels that are spread throughout the region.

Over the next three months we will be bringing you some interesting stories, and loads of tit-bits about what is happening across the region. So we invite you to pop in regularly to find out where all the action is and what is happening, a sure way to enhance your holiday experience.

Enjoy your holiday, be safe and play safe … and when you leave, do so with fond memories of the Algarve and a plan to return quickly.




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