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The word ‘retro’ usually refers to an outdated style or fashion, that is old and from the past, but which has once again become functional in the modern age. For example, there were the leather jackets and torn jeans fad from the 70s which has once again found its place in today’s fashion world.

It is autumn, and Christmas is fast approaching. It is a time during which we get filled with a real sense of wonder, and you have to agree that looking forward to Christmas is a wonderful experience. The run-up to Christmas, is filled with delicious sights, scents, and traditions.

I can just see the raised eyebrows ... When you bring up the subject of pole dancing, some people immediately get the image of some strip club. However, it can be a fun type of dancing and many women really enjoy it. In fact, there are many dance classes being given, which teaches women how to do it properly.

If you are lucky and still have your mom around, Mother’s day is a great day to rekindle your love with her, and for thanking her for all the little things that you share together. For fathers, husbands and partners it is a great day to show your loved one that you care and appreciate her.

This is one lesson, I learned within a few weeks of arriving in the Algarve ... and minus five pairs of high-heel shoes. Let me tell you that it is not a conspiracy theory, it is a fact! If you plan on walking inside the old historical town of Lagos, or in any other place that has cobblestone roads ... save yourself time, money and frustration, invest in a pair of comfortable walking shoes, forget fashion and fashion statements.

Most women have a love-hate relationship with their high heels, but there is no doubt, that for many women, high-heels give them a boost in confidence. These love relationships starts, not quite at cradle, but close enough, when as a little girl; you try on your own mother's shoes.


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