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Shoes: The High-Heels Love Affair

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Shoes: The High-Heels Love Affair
Photo by eloigomez (Pixabay)


Written by  Staff Writer
Friday, 11 August 2017 23:18

Most women have a love-hate relationship with their high heels, but there is no doubt, that for many women, high-heels give them a boost in confidence. These love relationships starts, not quite at cradle, but close enough, when as a little girl; you try on your own mother's shoes.

Many women develop a fetish about shoes, and they buy them by the dozen, just like buying bread. This means that often, it places a serious financial burden on them, and their partners.

  • Fashion and styles, heights, widths, colors, straps, buckles, pumps, etc. is continuously added to and revamped by shoe designers.
  • Most modern fashion magazines not only contain numerous ads for these shoes, they also produce whole fashion spreads based on high heels and their accompanying looks, once again, motivating you to buy the various shoes on offer.
  • One of the reasons many women love high-heels is because it adds extra height to them as at the same time creating the illusion of elongated legs.
  • Stilettos became the rage in the 1900's. These continue to be a favorite of some women, and most men. This heel looks like a dagger, and it usually lends itself to a rather sexual look. Many women wear them to parties or even some to the office.
  • Heels now range from 2 inches to 8 inches high. There are platforms, stacks, wedges, and spool heels.
  • It is accepted if a woman wears funky, fashionable, and crazy high heels even to the grocery store.
  • Many women like to look seductive, and most place much importance on being in style.
  • There is no doubt that sexy high heel shoe can make a woman feel fantastic.
  • These shoes can be bought in multiple styles and colors to match multiple outfits and dresses.
  • Many pairs these days are ornate enough to look like museum pieces. Their price tags can give this idea as well!
  • A modern twist on the high heel shoe is that many of them (even the highest) can be quite comfortable as opposed to former designs.
  • There are even athletic models. Lots of shoe styles in heels resemble clothing items; there are lace ups which take after the corset, acrylic models that look futuristic, and jewel encrusted styles that look a lot like decadent art pieces.

The high heel shoe enjoys an interesting and illustrious history, unlike many items in the annals of history; this is one fashion item that generally consistently remains in style. They enjoy increased and varied revamps and style changes, but at the end of the day they still make women feel sexy and sassy irrespective of their age.



 Note: First published in I Support Lagos in July 2010, author: Laurinda Seabra



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