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What to do on Mother's Day

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What to do on Mother's Day
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Written by  Staff Writer
Tuesday, 15 August 2017 00:30

If you are lucky and still have your mom around, Mother’s day is a great day to rekindle your love with her, and for thanking her for all the little things that you share together. For fathers, husbands and partners it is a great day to show your loved one that you care and appreciate her.


Whether you have loads of resources (money), very little or nothing, there are many things you can do. So there is no reason for you not to spoil your mom on this day.


Mother's Day is normally on the first Sunday in May in Portugal, Hungary, Spain, Taiwan and Romania year, and the second Sunday of May for most other countries. Some exceptions are Sweden and the United Kingdom, which may select different dates.


Mothers Day Ideas

  • There are the traditional things, like buying her some flowers, a pot plant or just walk in a field and pick some wild flowers. You can buy her a little or not so little gift, or just make one yourself.
  • You can buy her chocolates or make your own. Take her for breakfast, or make her breakfast in bed. Take her for the traditional Mother’s Day lunch at a favourite venue, take her out to supper or cook her a fantastic meal.
  • You can even just enjoy strolling around nature with her.

Whatever you decide to do let it be one of the greatest days in your mother’s life. One that she will remember for the rest of the year as she carries on being “mother”. Otherwise just imagine what will happen on the following Monday when she interacts with her friends or colleagues … “So what did you do for mother’s day?”


So if you want to give your Mum something to talk about other than what's on the telly take her somewhere a little different or do something that you have never done in the past.


Have a laugh with Mum

So you could have a laugh with her by taking out some comedy movies at your local video store, and sitting down and watching them with her … and laughing together about the funny bits. You could also recall some funny events in your joint past … and laugh together about it. Even better you could write them down in a card or in a letter, and then enjoy each episode with her.

Take your Mum out for breakfast - kinda :)

How does a Champagne Breakfast sound? Not bad? What about a little Balloon ride before then? Or even a 30-minute flight over your city? Tell your mum you are taking her out for a breakfast and then watch her float or fly off into the distance. It will be a Mother's Day surprise she will never forget.

Take your Mum out for a Long Lunch

Perhaps the most popular way to celebrate Mothers Day is simply to take her out for lunch or breakfast.

Take your Mum out on a Boat to see the Dolphins

Chances are your mother hasn't been on a boat in a very long time. This could be an excellent chance for her to reminisce and unwind, while enjoying the soothing seawaters and seeing the dolphins close by. And if you are not in the Algarve, book a room at a local hotel, guesthouse or just rent an apartment for the weekend and show her all that the Algarve has to offer.


These are just a few ideas, I am sure that you will have a few more of your own. But whatever you do, enjoy spending time with your mother on Mother’s Day.



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