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Retro Dressing - A Real Fashion Statement!

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Retro Dressing - A Real Fashion Statement!
Photo by Jill Wellington (Pixabay)


Written by  Staff Writer
Thursday, 17 August 2017 12:28

The word ‘retro’ usually refers to an outdated style or fashion, that is old and from the past, but which has once again become functional in the modern age. For example, there were the leather jackets and torn jeans fad from the 70s which has once again found its place in today’s fashion world.

For a casual and cool look, you can team up a t-shirt or top with torn denims.

But take care to get the look right; the denims should be torn in the right places and perhaps the coolest is a tear across both knees.

Then, came the golden 80s with its Lycra outfits, leggings and short skirts and lace gloves. The 80s was a very fashionable period especially for women with Lycra becoming a huge hit.

Leggings were another find of the 80's era, which has become the retro fashion among today’s women who team it with short skirts, ethnic kurtas and even dressy tops.

Lace gloves are typically associated with the Victorian period as it went well with the flowing dresses and elaborate dinners.

The 90s saw a surge of crop tops and corduroy, the latter becoming the retro fashion for men and women alike. It is quite common to see men in corduroy trousers and jackets these days especially in muted colors like browns and greens.

Many designers still draw inspiration from age-old fashion styles to create new patterns and designs today. This fashion style is all about stepping back in time and reliving the past culture and tradition in its right essence and mood.

Going the retro style has become highly popular among today’s college going generation. Most of them try to dress up like their favorite pop or rock stars like Madonna who revolutionized the fishnet stockings fad.

The Beatles look is another hot favorite among youngsters with the classic vintage suits and hairstyle. As a result, there are many stores, which cater especially to this type of fashion; internet shopping has also contributed in a big way to the promotion of this style with specific vintage clothing sites.

The retro fashion is not just about clothes but also about the right accessories and jewellery. The best way to pick up vintage stuff is to visit flea markets or charity fairs where you can pick up some great pieces for throw away prices. You could also get ideas and inspiration from yesteryear stars and try to emulate their look or go through magazines and websites, which will teach you how to get the style right.

A rummage through your mother or grandmother's wardrobe is also a great way to pick up some authentic and priceless pieces.

Get a dressmaker who can understand what you want, and her style the garment in the way that you want. Remember that this fashion style is not just about getting the look right, but also about wearing the right attitude. Only the right attitude can bring out the essence of the period and capture its timeless mood. So, go shopping and pick some exclusive vintage stuff and go retro this season.



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