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One of the most important home decor component is lighting, because lighting affects the whole look and feel of any area in a home. There is no doubt that lighting can be used as a fantastic tool to create the right kind of ambience, from warm and cosy, to structured and cool, depending on what mood you want to create.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Portuguese properties are becoming a very attractive option for buyers that have the necessary funding and purchasing power. In fact, according to our own experience and local feedback, the number of people selecting Portugal to buy property is increasing.

As we walked the Algarve region and chatted to many of you that have businesses locally, we realized that there is a lack of understanding and much confusion about what is marketing and what is advertising; when do you use an advertising strategy versus a marketing one; and what are the various components of both.

What is the real PROBLEM facing you, facing your community? Is it because of the global economy being in a recession? Is it because the sub-prime crisis? Is it because the local council is not paying its suppliers on time? Is it because there are no tourists? Is it because visitors to the town do not have money? Is it because they don’t know about you and your business? The list goes on …

Now, there is no doubt that the summer is here and that it is in full swing. No one has to convince me that the hottest months of the year are finally here. Because, as I write this article, I have two fans blowing in my office and I envy all of you that are out there enjoying our beaches, not to mention taking a swim in our beautiful waters.

Looking for the perfect outdoor activity? Taking your family on a trip to Lagos, in the Western Algarve, Portugal, is a terrific idea because of the many outdoor activities that Lagos and its surrounding towns have to offer.

Across the Algarve you will find a vast array of bars, pubs and clubs located all over the region in every town and villages. In fact there’s a bit of everything. So what is out there? The question is to find the right Pub for you, your family and your friends.

Deciding on a venue may not exactly qualify as one of mankind's most crucial choices, but there is no doubt that selecting the appropriate restaurant or place to eat for your specific needs, will greatly enhance your dining experience. Food, after all, is not merely a physiological necessity; it also happens to be one of life's greatest pleasures.

Because we know how important it is to find the correct type of accommodation for your trip, and to assist you in making we invite you to look at the accommodation section in our Business Directory. When you start looking for the perfect accommodation venue for your holiday or business stay in the Algarve, you are confronted with a multitude of offerings.


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