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Around half of European workers consider stress to be common in their workplace, and it contributes to around half of all lost working days. But stress is not only limited to work situations, the private lives can and often contribute to increased stressed levels. Like many other issues surrounding our health, stress is often misunderstood or stigmatised.

Managing stress means using thoughts and actions to deal with stressful situations, lower our stress levels, and influence conditions and situations to reduce their stress potential. In general, stress management contains three elements:

We are of the opinion that increased environmental impact is a product of mismanaged resources compounded by industrialization and run-away corporate and government leaders greed. In this article we tried to simplify a rather complex global interaction within countries and between people and the natural environment.

Environmental sustainability in the business world involves making decisions that are in the best interest of people and planet while protecting our natural world. It is a prominent topic at the moment as many people are taking notice of the significant impact that businesses and individuals can have on the environment.

We are now at the peak of the summer season in the Algarve, and the complaints about noise, dogs barking and "tourists" in the "Alojamento Local" apartments are arriving by us fast and furious. The reality is that dogs bark. Whether you love dogs or can't stand them, we all have to accept that fact. In suburban neighborhoods especially, dog barking can be as inevitable as road noise in homes near a busy road.

That's the million dollar question that all of my clients ask me. And the reality is that there's no standard answer. It's like asking someone how long is a piece of string? The reality is that it depends on many factors. Such as the type of industry you are in.

You have made up your mind to commission the design and development of a website, and in your mind you have a date in which you expect your site to be launched and go live. True? Well, that is a nice wish, but sometimes (more aften than we like) there are factors that affect the going live deadlines.

It is normal that you may not have a guideline for your business, in this article we provide you with some examples to assist you, but you should design your own “Dos and Don’ts” (or common sense checklists) to address the specific competition law risks that your business faces.

In this article we take a look at some things you need to take into account once you have identified the risk. So, how can you reduce the risks identified? Because in the real world, there is no such thing as “zero risk”, it means that you will need to implement controls to mitigate the competition law risks that you have already identified or could identify in the future.


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