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Vida Pura Eco Retreat

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Themed Eco Apartments
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Vida Pura - Themed Eco Appartments
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Vida Pura Address
918 376 497
917 997 109
Moinho das Canas
8670-320 Odeceixe
37.419623, -8.746224
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Themed Eco Apartments

Our Themed Apartments connect you with your inner nature as well as the history and customs of the area.

Inspired by nature, local custom and history, our Themed Apartments are designed to demonstrate, that through the recycling and re-purposing of natural materials from the area, wonderful, warm and unique living spaces can result.

The windows to the front of the apartments grant an amazing view of the valley and access to a beautiful wooden decking area (more than 30m²), complete with outside shower and plenty of space for lounging, sitting, or doing yoga.

On the other side we have a tiled outside area – for extra sun exposure in the morning and on windy days. Through this side you can also access your vehicle’s parking area, located just 30 meters away from the apartment, at the end of a wide, slate-paved path.

Best Suited for

  • Holistic Explorers
  • Family Fun Seekers
  • Unwinders

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Gateway 2 Algarve
Tel: 00 351 969 320 231