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Kayak Adventures Lagos

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Paddle through the caves and grottoes of Lagos
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Kayak Adventures Lagos - Paddle through the caves & grottoes of Lagos
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Public Access Office
913 262 200
Cais do Solaria
Lugar nº 2
8600 Lagos
37.098794, -8.668520
Registered Office
Sitio das Boiças
cci 900, N125
8500-132 Mexilhoeira Grande
37.152672, -8.618077
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Paddle through the caves and grottoes of Lagos

Every year, our experts guide outdoor enthusiasts through the area’s stunning beaches and grottoes.

We give our clients the unique opportunity to paddle through the crystal blue waters of the Atlantic Ocean, taking in the region’s magnificent rock formations up close. We also invite them to further explore their surroundings by participating in unforgettable snorkeling sessions with us.

We paddle with kayak lovers out on a stretch of the Atlantic Ocean, allowing you to fully appreciate the beauty of the scenery around you. This section of Portugal is famous for its ancient caves and grottoes, and we allow you and your fellow travelers to explore these wonders firsthand.

You will be able to paddle through fascinating rock formations, observing their every detail in a way that would be impossible if you were travelling on a boat.

Family friendly – Children in the kayak are welcome

Our sea kayak tours typically last three hours and begin and end at Praia de Batata. You can even turn a Kayak and Snorkel Trip into a family affair. Children who are at least five years old are welcome to take part, provided that they know how to swim.

Every member of your party will be able to use a waterproof bag and snorkeling equipment as part of your reservation package.

At Kayak Adventures Lagos, we strive to make your holiday enjoyable, affordable, and memorable. Visit our online booking system today to reserve the trip of a lifetime!

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  • Active Explorers
  • Family Fun Seekers
  • Social Fun Seekers
  • Holistic Explorers
  • Unwinders

Snorkel and swim from a deserted beach



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Gateway 2 Algarve
Tel: 00 351 969 320 231